Consultations provided:

  • Consultation and individual psychotherapy for adults

A graduate of the English Philology programme (MA) at the Jagiellonian University. She is currently completing the 4-year psychotherapy course offered by the Psychotherapy Chair of the Jagiellonian University’s Medical College, part of the requirements for the licence to practice individual and group psychotherapy issued by the Polish Psychiatric Association.

Her work experience includes an internship at the Treatment for Neuroses and Behavioural Disorders Day Ward of the Psychotherapy Department of the University Hospital in Krakow, where she then volunteered as a trainee psychotherapist for over two years. She continually develops her expertise and skills, participating in professional courses and workshops.

At SELFCARE Psychotherapy Offices she offers consultation and individual psychodynamic psychotherapy in English (C2, or native-like level). Her work is regularly supervised by a certified supervisor.